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Machine-to-Machine - The Internet of the Things - Big Data

M2M Business Opportunity

Machine-to-machine (M2M) technology is a rapidly growing part of the global economy, especially in automotive, transportation, logistics, energy, and healthcare. A host of new "Industrial Internet" technologies are being continously announced. We are clearly in the early stages of M2M adoption, and OIES, wanna be with you advising and supporting your M2M initiatives.

The IoT Business Opportunity

The Internet of Things won´t just change the way people live and work; it also will bring new opportunities for businesses. IoT will benefit all types of businesses by reinventing industries on three levels: business process, business model and business moment. OIES will help you to conceptualize and build IoT solutions and create a compelling IoT offering from product architecture, design, connectivity, security, analytics, billing and go-to-market strategy.

Big Data Business Opportunity

There's little practical benefit in M2M and Internet of Things without an ability to track, manage, and glean useful information from the massive amount of data a world of interconnected devices will generate. OIES will advice you how to intelligently manage and analyze volumes of sensor data to drive your business cases. We can support you building real-world Big Data use cases.

Our Mission:"To become one of the world's leading independent consulting companies, delivering top class M2M services supporting innovations that improve the way people works and lives".

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